Friday, February 10, 2012


class as usual today, finally decide to have hair cut at the new saloon
i have making noise to my bf n friends that i wan to cut hair since last month but i have no where to go. cuz one of the saloon that i always go, the girl never work d!! 
i really dun understand why!! all those ppl that help me cut hair will quite the job n i would never meet them again! i want back the girl.....=[
i hate to go to new saloon!! 

let the photo do the talking=]

b4 hair cut=]

after hair cut=]
which is nicer? 
fringe or long?
chilling at macoto=]

have korea food with dear n alvin... 

alvin bought himself these three toys in MCD!!


had lunch with my family at 大树头 at puchong. 
guess what we eat there? 
is 田鸡!!!
i'm afraid of this since young!!
my dad ask me to try n eat.
ok! i try!
but still i cant accept!!
is so GELI!!!
i'm eating a frog!!!!!
although it is a very healthy food...
i HATE IT!!!
anyway, the food from this restaurant is not really nice n it's not really clean.
my first time n the last time stepping into this restaurant. 

fried fish

the 田鸡!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


it's friday today. 
do u have any plans?
tonight i'm going to a CNY dinner with the bloggers.
 thx ling invited me to go <3

wear the outfit to college n have class till's abit weird wearing this way to college but i have no idea..i dun like to bring clothes n change..after class, ling n me started to leave from ss15 to sunway giza. i think we only use half n hour reach there...the dinner start at 8 n we reach there at 6. we are very early...hahaha
around 8 , we went to uncle prawn restaurant to meet up others bloggers. nice to meet everyone there =]

ready to college =]

i'm too bored n tired....=[

match? yes yes yes .=] 
we are trying to see which shoe suit her dress.=]

me n ling camwhore in the car while waiting the time to pass faster. 


keep camwhore in the car...this is what girls will do =]

me n ling outside the restaurant =]

first yee sang at 2012 with bloggers =]

me n ling order this two dishes, it's nice =]

ling , me n a new friend Eunice, nice meeting u=] 
rachel, jia jia,li kee,me n ling =]
nice meeting u guys =]
ling, me n simon. nice meeting u too =]